International Aid

Our foundation is aware of the difficult living conditions experienced by refugees around the world and has aided many    refugees in our country. Refugee camps have been built with Relief International to shelter families who are forced to leave their homes during the wars in Syria and Iraq.

A secure border hospital (Gentil Hospital) has been built with Relief International to    serve fragile populations in the South Sudan border region. Gentil Hospital began providing medical care in 2016. Since then, many mothers’ lives have been saved during childbirth.

For Afghan asylum seekers trying to maintain their lives as refugees in the Eastern provinces of our country, 60 families in Kars province have been provided housing.  

Our foundation has provided dry food aid to Somalian people abroad who have difficulty accessing basic food supplies.

As SBKV Sezgin Baran Korkmaz Foundation, which aims to improve the life of the people in all our activities, we will continue to reach the needy regardless of religion, language or ethnicity.